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Why Is A Setter So Important In Volleyball? | Cortina Volleyball

If a setter can track down any pass and set it where a hitter can spike effectively, it does not really matter how poor the initial pass was. Being the safety net for a struggling defense is a huge reason why a setter is so important in volleyball. 3. Setters Establish The Offensive Rhythm.

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The setter is a critical positionin volleyball. What the Setter Does. Before the serve, make sure that all of your teammates are lined up correctly and there is no overlap. Communicate with each hitter to make sure they know the play they will run and what set they will hit.

Volleyball Setter

The volleyball setter role on the team and special skills they possess are critical to team success. When to Set and Why? The set is usually the second team contact. The first contact is a pass. The purpose of the pass is to place the ball into an area that's easiest for a setter to get to the ball and set it. The setters job is to set an attacker.

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Good setters know where everyone is on the court. Part of that is because they know the offensive call, and thus the responsibilities of each player in that structure. Another part is awareness of the movement of their teammates, and to a degree the opposition. Finally, there’s also situational understanding.

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The setter is a position on a volleyball team and perhaps, the most important position. The setter is in charge of the offense and is in-charge of setting the ball up for their teammates to attempt a spike. After the ball is hit to them, the setter is usually the second player to touch the ball and it’s up to them to know where all their teammates are on the court and must decide who will receive the final pass.

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The setter must communicate the plays before serve reception and free-ball situations. A setter must know all overlaps, where you are supposed to be and where hitters and passers are supposed to be. A setter must be able to visually and verbally communicate with the coach during the match.

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While every position is important on a volleyball team, some are more important than others, that’s just the way it is. While this is a matter of opinion and perspective, I believe the setter is the most important position and role to play on a volleyball team.

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The setter is one of the most important volleyball positions in the entire game. The setter in volleyball is like the control tower or the mastermind behind the entire game’s flow. Basically, the setter is like the point guard in basketball or the quarterback in football. This player is usually the leader on the court who calls the plays.