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On the neutral stance forehand the player’s feet rest somewhat parallel to the baseline or the net, which allows for the player to open up, or unload, their hips and shoulders into the ball. Neutral Stance Forehand: Swing. As your shoulders and hips rotate to load, your racquet will begin to be taken back as well.

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The first one for the forehand is called the neutral stance, which is for balls that are coming towards us at the baseline. We turn sideways, strike the ball, and turn the foot. The second one is for balls that are a bit more complex. Not much, just ones that are at more of an angle.

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A neutral stance forehand is best used on slightly shorter balls when it’s the most natural to step towards them. If we happen to force an open stance on a short ball, we won’t be able to rotate our body into the shot because that step forward also pushed our hip forward and we have no more body rotation left.

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Every time you hit a tennis forehand you choose how you position your feet -- what stance you will use. You can hit a forehand with an open, neutral, or closed stance, but you should stay away from the closed stance if possible. This last stance makes it difficult to rotate your upper body through contact, making it difficult for you to use correct forehand mechanics.

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In neutral and closed stance forehands, we load the right leg first. Then we transfer weight to the left one and we also push off the left leg – so the weight transfer into the ball is very easy to feel. It’s similar to how we walk. But, in a typical open stance forehand, we load the right leg and then we push off that same leg.

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The fault tolerance of forehand contact is maximized when the hips square to the target. That means that if you initiate your swing from something like a neutral stance, in which your hips are pointed sideways during preparation, you need to ensure you get them rotated all the way back around by contact.

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The forehand neutral stance is probably the most aggressive of all stances. In this stance, your front foot is positioned directly in front of your back foot, forming an angle close to 0 degrees. As you can see in the picture above, most of the bodyweight in this stance is centered on the front leg, which allows the player to generate a lot of power.