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When playing a game of tennis doubles, not only do players have to decide which team serves first, using a coin toss or racquet spin, but also which player is going to serve first. The team that serves first chooses between themselves which player will be the first server. In the second game of the set, the opponents get to serve, and they are allowed to choose which of the teammates are going to serve first. During the third game, the partner of the player who served in the first game gets ...

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First, once you decide who's the strong server, and if you're going to defer to the strong server and they don't really care, you might have the strong server serve first. So that you win that first serve, the weaker server has more time to warm up and you don't start the match being broken right out of the box. That's one way you could go. The strong server serves first. Defer to the Stronger Serve and Let Them Serve Second. Another way you might play it, is the strong server serves second.

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Team A will serve the first point if it is their turn to serve (their team served at 5-5). After the first point, teams will switch off serving 2 points at a time. So, it’s 1-2-2-2-2 etc. until the tiebreaker is completed. This gets a bit more complicated in doubles. In doubles, teammates must alternate who serves each set of two points.

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Are you allowed to switch the order of serve in the second set in doubles? Yes. With regards to doubles play, you are allowed to switch up the order of serve between you and your partner if desired. This means if your partner served first in the first set, you are allowed to serve first this time around.

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In doubles, you and a partner play against a team of two players on the other side of the net, using the full court between the baselines and the doubles sidelines. If you are on the team that serves first, either you or your partner may begin the match by serving the first ball.

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Serve order – Receive order (doubles & Singles): The first team/player who serves is determined by a coin toss. The winner of the toss has 3 choices: Choose an end (a court side), choose who serves first, or make the other team/player to choose. Note: Every 1 st point in a game is served from the deuce court (see positioning in: tennis serve rules)

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When playing doubles, it’s very important to make your first serves if you want to win. I understand it’s not possible to do 100% of the time. However, the first serve percentage in doubles should be way higher than singles. I believe it should be at least 70-75%, while in singles you can get away with 50%.

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36. Order of Receiving in Doubles The order of receiving the service shall be decided at the beginning of each set as follows: The pair who have to receive the service in the first game shall decide which partner shall receive the first service, and that partner shall continue to receive the first service in every odd game throughout that set.