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Kick Tennis - a new and unusual sport

Description. The game starts with a coin toss. The team that wins it can choose to do the kick serve or let the other team do it. There are 2 halves each lasting 15 minutes. If the teams are tied when the game is over, then they do the sudden death serve-off, where there is a third coin toss, but the winner of this one gets to choose whether it is a best 2/3 or 4/5 serve-off. the winner of that wins the game.

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The aim of the game is to kick / punt the ball into the oppositions half. If the ball bounces on the ground or is knocked on (from a grubber-kick) then you get 1 point. If the ball is caught cleanly then no points are scored. Coaching points. Correct kicking techniques. Correct catching or pickup techniques. Ball must not go outside of grid.


• Leaning back on the kick rather than forward over the ball PRACTICING WITH A PARTNER - RUNNING KICK TO KICK: - Stand 20 meters from your partner - Take a few steps back away from your partner. - Jog/Run towards them and kick on the move. - Try kicking the ball so that your partner can mark it without moving

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U9 – U12 Kicking: Kick Tennis. Players attempt to kick the ball into the oppositions square. A point is awarded if the ball hits the ground in the opposite team’s square. If the kick lands anywhere outside the square a point is awarded to the opposition. After a player takes the mark they must handball to another player in their team to kick the ball, sharing the kicking.

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The tennis serve is one of the most important shots of the game, as it’s the only shot where everything relies on you. There are many different types of tennis serves players can use, like the slice serve, which uses sidespin, or a flat serve, which is hard and fast without any spin.

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TIEBREAK SET. In a tiebreak set, a player or team needs to win six games wins a set. If the score gets to 5-5 (5-all), one player must win the next two games to win the set. If the score reaches 6-6 (6-all) in the set, a tiebreak game is played.

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Rules of Kickball Kickball can be played on any type of pitch or surface but it is most usually played on a softball diamond. Games often consist of 6 innings, but this can be flexible when not playing under WAKA rules as long as both teams agree. Kickballs are made of inflated rubber and can be a ...

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Kids Love this game to practice their kicking accuracy