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While football is in most cases played outdoors in areas that may not necessarily have artificial lighting or controlled temperatures, basketball is mostly played in indoor fields that have both artificial lighting and temperature control. The size of the football field is also several times bigger than that of basketball.

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Football and basketball players use the ball as the main equipment. However, there are some differences such as the size of the field and the ball. Football is being played on the natural or artificial grass field with 114,30 meters long and 59,44 meters wide. Basketball is played on the wooden surface. Its size is 94 feet long on 50 feet wide.

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This is an essay about the differences and similarities between football and basketball. The author discusses referees, player substitution, fouls, ball shape, surfaces they are played on (wood, turf, grass), amateur and professional leagues, venues (outside and inside), uniforms, ball shapes, and how the ball is handled. PAGES.

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The main difference between the two sports is that basketball is a contained, safe sport, while football is a cold, dangerous, barbaric sport. . The pros of basketball outweigh the pros of football by far. Basketball is played inside of a gymnasium where the climate is controlled.

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Comparative Essay Draft (Football vs. Basketball) Uncategorized Comparative Essay DraftWrite a 750-1000 word essay about a pair of items in which the similarities and differences of those items are compared and contrasted in the style described within Unit III.

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By comparing and contrasting basketball and football, we can examine them in terms of how they’re played, the amount of people in each teams, and the location the sports are being played in. First, basketball is played differently than football. Basketball is a game of shooting the hoop with a rounded ball. There are two hoops at the end of the court that you must shoot in to score.

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However, they have many differences. For example, in football you have eleven players on the field on the field at once for each team, wereas in basketball you only have five on the court for each team. The biggest difference betweeen these two sports are the legal things you can do in the game. In football, you throw, run, catch, and tackle.

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Football involves throwing the football to a wide open player so they can catch it and go to the touchdown zone to score. Basketball involves dribbling the ball and making a shot into a hoop in order to score. In both sports there are rules. In order to win the game you have to follow them.