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55 Better Ways to Say "I Think..." — Tannia Suárez

55 Better Ways to Say "I Think..." If you’ve noticed that you always use “I think…” or “I feel…” to share your opinions, try using the following expressions instead to elevate your English: SHARING GENERAL OPINION. In my opinion…. I tend to think that…. I suppose that…. It seems to me that…. I find that….

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To my way of thinking/In my way of thinking. I honestly think that/ I honestly believe that…. I am feeling that/I feel that – This is a more personal phrase which moves from thoughts and takes them to a more emotional level. This is a good phrase to use when trying to convince someone of something.

21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For "I Think"

21 Advanced Alternative Phrases For “I Think” 1, I’m not going to lie/ I’m not gonna lie. This phrase is an informal one. We can say “I’m not gonna lie”, and... 2, In all honesty. This is very commonly used nowadays, it is leaning towards informal. In all honesty, I had every... 3, In my view. This ...

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Reckon means guess, or imagine, and is often used by rural types in Hollywood movies who say ...

20 Other Ways to Say I THINK for ESL Learners - English Study ...

Other Ways to Say I THINK. In my opinion…. In my opinion, they could not do better than that. I assume your flight is delayed due to weather conditions. I believe…. I believe that you are innocent. I assume…. I assume you always get up at the same time. I would say….

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Other Ways to Say “I think”. In my opinion, I believe, I consider, It seems to me that, As I see it, to me and etc…. Tags: alternative, I think, Other Ways, speaking.

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03 “From my perspective”. This is a good way to say “I think” or “in my opinion” because you are preparing whoever is listening and asking him/her to view things from your standpoint. This is especially useful when speaking to people who have strong convictions. 04 “In my professional opinion”.

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It’s usually best to use neither, and just say the statement. I usually use “I think” and “I feel”, but it’s not really a good idea unless you really need to talk about what you think and feel. If you’re just stating something, state it. Saying “I think” or “I feel” weakens your words. It does not make you look that competent.