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Basketball Over The Back. In basketball, players often give and receive contact when going after rebounds. This often results in players reaching over the back of their opponents to grab the rebound. While over the back is not a foul itself, it is often used as a complaint from players, coaches, fans, announcers, and analysts.

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Over-the-Back Foul. A rebounder can't use his body to create an advantage against an opposing player in front of him. When a youth basketball player does this, he is called for an over-the-back foul. Make sure that your players understand such important basketball rules. Coach: Bill Sacco.

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What Is The Definition Of Over The Back In Basketball? 1. This is a foul in basketball when a player tries to rebound the ball by moving or jumping over the back of an opposing player who is already in position to make the rebound. Examples Of How Over The Back Is Used In Commentary. 1. Griffin gets charged with over the back after he nearly leaps over Duncan to grab the offensive rebound.

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“There is no such thing as an "over the back" foul in basketball. A player may legally reach all the way over the top of another player and get a rebound. A foul only occurs when the player pushes or holds the player he is reaching over in order to gain advantage.” This is from the “Six Most Misunderstood Basketball Rules” website.

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“Over the back” is a foul. Really? Similar to the reaching in myth, there must be contact to have a foul. Coaches holler for over the back fouls when their shorter player has better inside rebounding position and the ball is snared by a taller opponent from behind. Penalize illegal contact don’t penalize a player for being tall.

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It's only a foul when the player jumping over the back makes contact. It's just one of those situations where the ref sometimes calls a foul because it appears that the player made contact when they didn't or they're anticipating contact when they see the player jump and have their mind made up to blow the whistle.

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This is a personal foul committed by the offense team’s player. The player, who has the ball in his or her hands, charges into the defense team’s player who is standing in a stationary, defensive position. Over-the-Back. A player who jumps on and goes over the back of his or her opponent who is trying to attempt a rebound with the ball. Palming

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there are the back court violation, shooting foul, blocking foul, charging foul, over the back foul, flagrant 1 and 2 fouls, out of bounds, 5 seconds back to the basket while dribbling, 3 seconds...